JINQ cafe&dining+GOTEN residence



Welcome to GOTEN Tomoe Residence ! Complete your stay by dining at JINQ.

How do you spend time when you wish to see or feel, or climb to Mt.Fuji?

Here you are, prepared is the small brochure to download, to reach directly to the’s property site.

Link to the GOTEN booking site: GOTEN CHIRASHI

Please take photo of the QR, then you’ll find us easy!

Your stay at GOTEN Tomoe residence should be perfect when you complete with natural local foods provided in adjacent Dining & Bar, where locals are going to enjoy fresh vegetables and meats.

English menu available, vegetarian menu, or vegan plate is available, ask us at the dining.

JINQ’s reservation and sample menu: JINQ CHIRASHI

Mail to us, if these aren’t enough for you to choose us: