JINQ cafe&dining+GOTEN residence




GOTEN residence is a private villa where we accommodate one group of guests per day, for parties of 2-8 guests.
We have remodeled a wooden villa, rooms are kept clean and always have a fresh feel.

Room 101: Room size 15.32㎡ /Two Japanese style futons
Room 102 : Room size 13.25㎡ / Three Japanese style futons
Room 103: Room size 9.93㎡ / Two Japanese style futons

Every bedroom has bath towels, face towels, air conditioning, floor lamps, free WiFi, and a safe. Please enjoy your stay in our private space with natural tatami mats.


Facilities/ Furnishings
Bedrooms Natural tatami mats, a futon set, air conditioning, a safe, floor lamps, bath towels, face towels, power sockets, extension cords, and torches
List of Amenities
Bedrooms Bath towel, face towel, toothbrush

*Optional amenities: Basic makeup kit (¥500), razor (¥100), earplugs (¥100)

*When 8 people are staying here, 1 person will need to use the sofa bed in the reading room.
*We do not provide yukatas or other indoor clothing.