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What you write in the inquiry form will only be used for our reply and our own inquiries. We will not use this content for any other purpose or provide it to any third party.
SUMICA Co., Ltd.recognizes that the protection and appropriate use of personal information collected from customers and clients (hereafter referred to as “customers”) is an important social responsibility, and have therefore set out the following policies and will execute them thoroughly.

1. Privacy policy objective
These policies aim to put sound information protection practices into effect and provide customers with ongoing peace of mind.
2. Information handled

(1) Information received from customers
The information that our company receives from customers includes the information inputted into the company inquiry form, including name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, and gender, information entered by our company’s staff on instruction from customers, and other information gathered during the provision of service or required for business.

(2) Information acquired from sources who have been lawfully authorized by customers
This includes information legally acquired from customers by those applying to use our services, introducers, intermediaries, business partners, brokers of package tours, etc., and lawfully provided to us.

(3) Information collected when browsing the company website
Our company may collect information when a user is browsing the company website. This includes the following information.

  • Device information
  • Log information
  • Cookies and anonymous IDs
  • Location information
  • IP addresses and other device-specific information
3. Use of information

Information obtained from customers shall be used in the following ways.

(1) To contact customers about reservation confirmations
(2) To provide customers with services or products/information
(3) For marketing purposes
(4) For analysis into how to improve services/products for customers
(5) So that our company can send surveys to customers to further improve our services
(6) To request compliance with the use policy and conditions for the service provided through this website or mobile website
(7) To protect the service provided through this website or mobile website and customers
(8) Any other purpose disclosed to the customer or announced publicly

4. Information management
(1) Information collected from customers shall be appropriately and carefully managed and necessary and reasonable measures shall be put in place to protect this information from being leaked, lost, misused, our company also strives to ensure safety by utilizing security technology such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption where necessary to tackle the interception of data by a third party during transmission.
(2) Some management of the information collected from customers may be outsourced to third parties to improve the quality of the services provided by our company or to accommodate the needs of customers. However, under these circumstances, our company will still instruct and observe the contracted company to ensure that information is managed appropriately.
5. Disclosure and provision of information to third parties

Our company will not disclose or provide information to third parties except under the following circumstances.

(1) When permission has been obtained from the customer
(2) When the disclosure or provision of information is required by law
(3) When it is necessary for the protection of a person’s life, health, or finances and it is difficult to obtain prior consent
(4) When necessary for the improvement public health or the implementation of the sound raising of children and it is difficult to obtain prior consent from the customer
(5) When cooperation is required in order for a national agency, local public organization, or a contracted company to enact what they are required to by law and obtaining the permission of the customer would obstruct the execution of this task
(6) When information is disclosed or provided to an outsourced company to the extent necessary to provide services to customers

6. Compliance with the law
In order to enact sound personal information protection practices, our company will comply with all laws and guidelines related to personal information.
7. Respecting customer rights
Our company respects customer rights, and if a customer requests the disclosure, revision, or termination of use of personal information, this will be done to a reasonable and necessary extent upon identity verification of the customer.
8. Inquiries
If you wish to express any opinions, have any questions, or would like to complain or inquire about our personal information management practices, please contact us below.
9. Revisions to this privacy policy
These policies may be changed as necessary as the way in which user information is handled is revised. If there is a change in policy, the new policy will be made available on the website. Revised privacy policies shall take effect from the moment that they appear on this website.